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Shrink Film Manufacturer in Lahore. LDPE Shrinkwrapping film is used to pack/wrap boxes, food, beverages bottles, etc to make products safe and sound.

Until many years ago, we were far ahead in terms of the quality of LD shrink film. We can proudly claim that the shrinking film we make is one of the best films in Pakistan. A big part of our business is the best quality scrap wrap, scrap wrap roll, LD screen film (low density polyethylene shrink film) for the world’s top beverage company for their local consumption.

Shrink Film Manufacturer in Lahore. We are specialized in this industry.  What’s more, we’re not only just offering good price and quality, but providing best service and good package.

Micro-perforated Polyolefin Shrink Film is mainly used for packing vegetables, eggs, bread, and another food packaging, Polyolefin shrink is an extremely durable and versatile shrink wrap.

It accelerates the air exchange between packed food and outside air, which will promote food freshness.

Polyolefin materials are available with different characteristics, including cross-linked wrap that provides high-tensile strength and incredible clarity for high-speed packaging applications. It has the ability to shrink quickly when heated. It is mostly used in packaging items.

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    too much bulk qty required for order please decrease some limit for order

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